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Our Story

In 1990, James Macek and Daniel Coosemans forged a partnership that has blossomed and grown for over two decades. Back then, specialty produce meant: mesclun, salsify, Belgian endive, radicchio, shallots, fresh herbs, frisee, haricot verts, colored bell peppers and vine tomatoes from Holland. Today, specialty produce has established itself as a way of life in restaurants and fine grocers nationwide. What many called the "weird stuff" in the late 80's and early 90's is what we called the "good stuff"! Thankfully, America embraced it no matter what it was called!

Coosemans-Denver, Inc. was Coosemans fifth location, preceded by: Belgium, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Today, we have over 25 locations that include: packing houses, shipping warehouses, farms, import/export companies and sales offices across the globe. One fact remains unchanged: for over 30 years the Coosemans name has been atop the Specialty Produce marquee for foodservice distributors and grocers nationwide.

Yes, we're global in our ability to source produce from around the world--but more importantly--we're LOCAL too! We support and work with local farms and help them to bring their produce to market more efficiently and cost effectively. Our unique distribution model doesn't put more trucks on the road and fumes in the air; it puts more produce on the trucks that are already on the road and that's good for everyone. We were thinking "green" long before it became a mantra and marketing tool. We call it “common sense”.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find it helpful and informative. Work on this website will never be finished. As the world becomes smaller due to improvements in transportation and improved packaging and storage technologies expand the horizons for fresh produce--the availability and variety of items will forever change. Thus, our work is never done!

We are dedicated to the enjoyment of fresh produce and fine dining--whether in a restaurant or in your home! And fine dining doesn't mean it has to be expensive--it just means it has to be great.

Treat yourself to the benefits and joys of the wonderful world of produce!